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Bliss Bridal Magazine asked us to capture a different and fun side of a wedding that would appeal to a more whimsical bride. The original inspiration came from a photo spread in Italian Vogue. Our goal was to make the theme more grown-up and present a unique take on a circus. Savvy Events provided creative vision and oversight, as well as inspiring all of the vendors to bring their very best work. We focused on using darker versions of primary colors for maximum visual impact. The emphasis was on the details, from deeply colored and unusual floral designs to vintage furniture and circus memorabilia. Features included enormous circus posters and life-size carousel horses, as well as hand-painted props and tin toys. Circus-style performers were used to help bring the event to life.

“I have had the honor of working along side Savvy Events multiple times when I was the Associate Publisher of Bliss Bridal Magazine. We chose to hire Savvy Events because they are amazing to work with. I always knew that they were going to get things done…and wonderfully. They are a joy to work with and I always knew I could count on them. They made sure everything ran smoothly and they never miss a detail. When running a magazine, we had a lot on our plate. It was wonderful to have Savvy events take the ropes and not have a worry in the world. They not only know their stuff but they are also amazingly creative. They never fail to amaze me…never. They have so much talent on one team and work great together and always produce top of the line results. The team at Savvy Events are some of the friendliest, honest and kind people I know and have had the honor to work with. You leave working with them feeling like you were the most important person in the world and a friend… not just a client. I am grateful for being able to work along side the team and learn from them on many occasions. I highly recommend this company- two thumbs up, five stars, the bees knees. I think you get the picture.”

– Katelyn R, Bliss Bridal Magazine

Photographs provided by Julie Wilhite Photography